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Services and Projects

PALS aims to act as facilitator and partner all agricultural role players and Government to build trust and create an enabling environment to overcome challenges such as water, electricity, taxation, subdivision, the transfer of skills and recognition. There are broadly three types of PALS projects namely: a) Land Projects, b) Value Chain Projects and c) Socio Development Projects.

Land Projects

The land projects includes four different forms of empowerment projects:

  • Green Fields projects refers to a project that entails a new piece of land that will be cultivated and planted with new orchards and vegetables.
  • Projects that includes an existing farm with established orchards and vegetables. In this case the land will be subdivided or transferred to a new PALS company.
  • LRAD projects. These are previous equity scheme projects driven by Government. These existing projects will undergo restructuring of the business entity and receive support from commercial farmers.
  • Existing Black Farmers. These projects entails black owned farms that have indicated they welcomed support from white commercial farmers.

Value Chain Projects

Although all the PALS land projects provide access to the entire value chain, PALS has launched several value chain projects that provides ownership to black farmers and Agri-workers. These projects range from minority to majority black owned businesses.

The projects includes:

  • Cold Stores
  • Pack Houses
  • Factories manufacturing implements and inputs
  • Marketing companies

Socio Development Projects

PALS encourage all its members to maintain and uphold the best social standards on their farms. PALS also recognise that land reform in South Africa in the past concentrated on the provision of land and equipment and underestimates the important contribution of human capital in successful land reform. Therefore, PALS have committed itself and its resources to the social upliftment, training and education of the beneficiaries.

This projects includes:

  • Housing projects
  • Training Projects
  • Social Projects

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